Trendy long summer dresses

In the summer of 2013 extremely fashionable long sundresses - "a wood floor", or at least to a ankles. Do not strive to get close, fast-fitting dress bod - because it is old clothes, models, designers propose to wear gentle surrounding, but at a like time free silhouettes of light, flowing materials. A substance is silk, chiffon, cotton and linen, however well however satin and lace.

Fashion handbags

If we talk approximately the substances of fashion handbags in a source will be key: leather, suede, textile, plastic, as right however straw. Quite popular will enjoy mixing materials like crocodile and python, skin and textiles, leather and suede. Alike posts:Elegant summer dresses and suits Autumn fashion: coat ladies' galleryPanama hats made of felt, material, knitwear

Highlights and coloring

These options will suit those ladies who can not resolve the color of a thin hair. In the source of 2013 are relevant smooth transitions within the tones of a same color thin hair. No must to hurry up to extremes and paint a head in contrasting shades! Remember - the naturalness? How, this slogan does not contradict the desire to stand out. To reach this, simply select a trendy graduation - when the color darkens or lightens thin hair, from roots and finishing tips.

Fashion Earrings Summer

Be sure to buy a few pairs of earrings with big, eye-catching round elements. Balls and coins, mix with chains, will do you much stylish. It is equally interesting to look Earrings done in a configuration of raw vegetables and hearts.

Fashion Dress 2013

In fashion denim dress again. Fan of these models in this season opened a "green lightness." Collections of fashion houses, we offer currently a wide range of dresses of denim, how opposed to the 70's, it was so-denim dresses were at the peak, while there was some range - a couple of models, and wore them with knit turtleneck.


Pleated and delicate lace

VogueMark Incanto offers girls bras, decorated pleated. This reasonable piece looks extremely tempting, and in addition, this bra will throw in amount skinny ladies.Very noble and smart views lacy lingerie. This time, have at least a some sets of lace to every woman! If you love a classics - To wishlist a model Mimi on Vacation and Elle Macpherson. No less look elegant suites in black and white represented in a collections of Myla, Pleasure State White Label.  Similar posts:Mode Gate-hood, collar-counter, mohair tapeVogue Vogue trends Autumn-Winter season 2011-2013: the chief fashion of top women's clothesStyle Fashion Accessories Fall-Winter period 2012/2012.

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